This small-group seminar invites students to work individually and in teams to discover their strengths, articulate their values and achieve their goals.

This is the best course for students who may not have been involved in leadership experiences previously but are now ready to discover their leadership potential. (Students with previous leadership experiences would be better served by LD ST 2700: Campus Leadership Development for their first leadership course at ISU.)

1 credit, over eight weeks.

Course learning objectives

By the end of the course each student will:

  • Explore one’s own potential for leadership
  • Identify one’s individual strengths
  • Practice the process for goal accomplishment
  • Identify one’s own values
  • Articulate one’s own personal mission/vision statement

Catalog description

Designed for emerging student leaders who are ready to explore their purpose, this course will provide students with basic leadership skills covering strengths identification, personal skill development, goal achievement, values-based behaviors and mission statement development.