Students in this course will examine the impact of culture on leaders and followers as well as the leadership process at the national, group and organizational levels. The course will examine and apply relevant theories to help students develop a cultural mindset essential to effective leadership in today’s global and interconnected world. Additionally, this collaborative course examines what constitutes “effective” leadership across cultures. It will be collaborative as the students are expected to provide some of the content. Through experiences in and out of the classroom, students will focus on deeply understanding the influence of culture and contexts on leadership, engage in reflection and develop their global leadership capacities.

3 credits, sophomore classification or approval by the instructor required.
Meets International Perspectives requirement.

Course learning objectives

By the end of the course each student will:

  • Recognize various aspects of culture and how it can influence leadership
  • Describe global and cultural knowledge as well as knowledge of leadership and self
  • Demonstrate the importance and benefits of understanding the impact of culture at many levels, which can include national, group and organizational culture
  • Begin to develop the skills and characteristics needed to be a global leader
  • Identify different conceptualizations of leadership and how context can influence that process around the world
  • Apply mindfulness and cultural empathy as it relates to cross-cultural situations

Catalog description

Leadership theories and their applications in an international context. The development of an intercultural mindset essential for effective leadership. Contextual influences on leadership and the development of global leadership capacities.