LDST 2700 creates a foundation for personal and professional success by redefining the learning environment. Leadership is not about knowing — it is about doing. Through highly interactive lectures and learning activities, students will gain a foundation for practicing leadership and advancing their organizations and communities.

The best course for students who have been involved in previous leadership experiences and are now ready to engage early in campus leadership, this interactive experience places students in small groups to learn leadership together. Students will study leadership at the personal, campus and societal levels through in-class workshops, attending student organization meetings and studying a chosen issue.

3 credits.

Course learning objectives

As a result of completing this course successfully, students will be able to demonstrate the following competencies and capacities:

  • Knowledge and application of the leadership theory and practices for social change
  • Knowledge and behaviors for advancing personal, team, and societal values
  • Effective communication practices for organizational and community advancement

Catalog description

This introductory leadership course will provide emerging student leaders with an understanding of effective leadership practices and information on engagement opportunities and resources on campus. Students will be expected to connect course content to their own lives and to become engaged in campus activities where they can apply what they learn.