ISU learning communities

Learning communities are dynamic, focused communities in which students, staff, and faculty can learn and grow together. There are learning communities around a variety of different majors and interests. Becoming part of a learning community can help you develop a sense of belonging in the university community and increase collaborative interactions with other students, faculty and staff. A list of learning communities can be found on the main learning communities website.

LAS Ambassadors

The LAS Student Ambassadors represent the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences by assisting with prospective students and their parents during Experience Iowa State Visits and daily Open Option campus visits. In addition to helping prospective students learn about their options and opportunities, ambassadors broaden their knowledge about the university while enhancing their leadership skills.

LDST 2700: Campus Leadership Development

Campus Leadership Development (LDST 2700), is a course designed for students who want to learn about exemplary leadership practices and engage in experiential campus leadership opportunities. You will participate in dynamic lectures, engage in student-centered discussions, participate in large and small group activities, and identify opportunities to build community as well as network with others on campus. The course is open to all students, though specifically geared toward first-year and new transfer students. To sign up, simply ask your advisor to add LDST 2700 in the fall semester.

Video Poster

See the world

  • Eric Sundstrom, the political advisor to the Minster for Foreign Affairs

    Global Leadership Study Abroad

    Expand your horizons and broaden your experience by studying abroad in LDST 3330: Women, Gender, and Leadership, an approved course for U.S. Diversity credit.