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Leadership Studies

Leadership Studies 270 class meeting with Dr. Wintersteen

The world needs leaders

The Leadership Studies Program at Iowa State is for all undergraduate students who seek to study, understand, and apply the principles of leadership in their lives and, eventually, their careers, to make a difference in the world around them.

A 21-credit-hour leadership studies certificate and a 15-credit leadership studies minor are available with courses that can complement any major.


The Leadership Studies Program provides high impact, experiential learning where every student will engage in the leadership process, preparing them for opportunities to effect positive change with purpose and passion.


The Leadership Studies Program develops students who can effect positive change through understanding the leadership discipline, expand the contexts for intentional leadership practice, and cultivate leadership in others.

Core Belief

Effective leadership is an intentional and reflective process that cultivates self awareness, equity, collaboration, and empathy.

What is Leadership Studies?

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What is Leadership Studies? Why is it important? How can it benefit a student from any major at Iowa State?