Welcome to the Leadership Studies Program


The Leadership Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program designed for students in all majors, consisting of a 21-credit-hour leadership studies certificate and a 15-credit-hour leadership studies minor.

The program is designed for undergraduate students in all academic disciplines and colleges at Iowa State University who seek to study, understand and apply the principles of leadership in their current activities and, eventually, in their careers.

The Leadership Studies Program also coordinates the Global Leadership Study Abroad and Vermeer International Leadership programs, which are open to all undergraduate students.

Meet with an adviser to learn more about the program or enroll in the certificate or minor.

Get involved with the Leadership Studies Program, even if you are not enrolled in the certificate or minor.

Request a leadership studies faculty member to speak at your class or campus event.

November is Native American Heritage Month in the United States. This month, Leadership Studies would like to recognize young Indigenous leaders who are using leadership skills to create change. These individuals represent a unique quality of leadership which is instilled by many Indigenous peoples at a young age: generosity, the value of community, and respect and relationship between all things. These values offer an explanation as to why Indigenous peoples are often found at the forefront of many environmental and conservation movements. We encourage you to read more about each of these individuals who inspire us to practice “we not me” leadership. For more opportunities to cultivate your leadership skills or learn more about Indigenous peoples in the United States, consider a class in Leadership Studies and American Indian Studies.

To find out more about Indigenous leaders, visit our bulletin board on the third floor of Carver Hall.