LD ST 333: Gender and Leadership


This seminar is designed to provide students with ideas, information and insights that pertain to women and leadership. It aims to help students develop an understanding of the challenges women face and the opportunities women have for leadership, the reasons why women accept or decline leadership opportunities, and the skills and abilities that women bring to leadership. Current issues and trends of women and leadership are examined from historical, contemporary and personal perspectives.

3 credits, sophomore classification required
Meets U.S. Diversity requirement
Cross-listed with Women’s and Gender Studies 333

Leadership 333

Course objectives

  • Introduce students to the status of women leaders past and present
  • Discuss and analyze challenges and barriers to women’s leadership
  • Explore similarities and differences between women’s and men’s leadership styles
  • Discuss strategies for bettering women’s leadership opportunities and abilities

Catalog description

An intersectional approach to understanding gender and leadership as it relates to women from various races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations and abilities. Theories of women’s leadership, barriers and opportunities, gendered leadership styles, and the perceptions and expectations about women’s leadership. Multiple perspectives of women’s leadership will be highlighted through lectures, readings, videos, guest speakers and group work.