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Congratulations to 2020 Leadership Studies graduate, Shelby Soper!

Author: Troy Rutter

Shelby Soper will receive a Leadership Studies Certificate and a dual degree in Political Science and Agriculture and Society with a minor in International Agriculture from Iowa State University. Shelby was also a Vermeer Scholar in the 2017 Cohort. Congratulations, Shelby!

What are your career plans after graduation?

Post-graduation I will be attending law school.


What other goals do you have for your life after graduation (hobbies, travel, self-improvement, etc.)? 

In the future I want to travel to Canada! 


What was your favorite Leadership Studies class? And why?

I loved the Vermeer leadership classes because I was able to understand my leadership skills on an international level.


How do you feel Leadership Studies has made an impact on you?

I am able to stand out when applying for law school! 


After your time in the program, what is your definition of leadership?

Leadership, an action to lead others towards a common goal.  


What activities, clubs, groups were you a member of at ISU?

I was a CALS Ambassador, Hixson Peer Mentor, member of Sigma Alpha Zeta, and a Semester at Sea Alumni.


What is your favorite memory from being at ISU? 

Traveling around the world! 


What would you say to someone considering a Leadership Studies minor or certificate?

Go for it! It stands out and you are able to learn so much about yourself!