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Congratulations to 2020 Leadership Studies graduate, Emily Hammer!

Author: rcooney

Emily Hammer will receive a Leadership Studies Minor and a degree in Marketing and Management with minors in French and Psychology from Iowa State University. Congratulations, Emily!

What are your career plans after graduation?

Post-graduation I’d like to get my Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology then go into consulting.


What other goals do you have for your life after graduation (hobbies, travel, self-improvement, etc.)? 

In the future, I want to spend some time in France!


What was your favorite Leadership Studies class? And why?

My favorite Leadership Studies class was LD ST 322, “Leadership Styles and Strategies in a Diverse Society”. This course was my favorite because of the open discussion format and how easy it was to connect with my professor.


How do you feel Leadership Studies has made an impact on you?

Leadership Studies helped me ground what I had started to learn in different clubs and find a tangible way to express my leadership style.


After your time in the program, what is your definition of leadership?

Leadership is finding a way to connect with other people in a way that is authentic to you and motivates everyone involved to do better and be more.


What activities, clubs, groups were you a member of at ISU?

I have been a part of Alpha Kappa Psi, Ivy Student Council, Honors Student Board, the University Honors Program, and several honors societies.


What is your favorite memory from being at ISU? 

When Debbie and Jerry Ivy gave $50 million to the Ivy College of Business, I was lucky enough to be there and I got to give Debbie a hug and personally thank her for her commitment to education. It was an amazing moment and makes me want to impact lives in that way.


What would you say to someone considering a Leadership Studies minor or certificate?

It’s applicable to every major because it teaches you how to relate to other people better and develop skills you didn’t know were important to make a difference in other people’s lives.