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Congratulations to 2020 Leadership Studies graduate, Emma Grace Reece!

Author: rcooney

Emma Grace Reese will receive a Leadership Studies Certificate and a degree in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University. Congratulations, Emma Grace!

What are your career plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to move to the state of Washington to start work as a field/office engineer at Kuney Construction.


What other goals do you have for your life after graduation (hobbies, travel, self-improvement, etc.)? 

After graduation, I plan to spend my free time hiking, cooking and traveling. My goal is to drinks lots of unique coffee and gain lots of new experiences within my field of work and my travels.


What was your favorite Leadership Studies class? And why?

My favorite Leadership Studies classes were the two classes I took while doing the summer abroad in Sweden. I found the classes super interesting and they really pushed me to think in a way I hadn’t in my other more technical classes. Also, the opportunity to go abroad was amazing and one of the best decisions I made while in college.


How do you feel Leadership Studies has made an impact on you?

The leadership studies program helped me to realize more about myself, how I function and lead and recognizing that everyone is different. The program helped me to identify my own strengths and areas for improvement and how those can best fit with others. I know that being in the leadership studies program helped me to better identify other individual’s strengths and understand how to best interact and work with them on teams. What I learned about myself during this time I know will help me in my future career.


What activities, clubs, groups were you a member of at ISU?

I was a member of Salt Company.


After your time in the program, what is your definition of leadership?

Leadership is the action of an individual understanding themselves enough and recognizing the differences in others to motivate groups towards common goals.


What is your favorite memory from being at ISU? 

My favorite memories from being at ISU is spending Friday and Saturday nights with my friends that I made at ISU games and hanging out with them.


What would you say to someone considering a Leadership Studies minor or certificate?

Do it! It was a great thing to pair with a technical degree because I was able to develop my soft skills and learn things about myself. I was able to have additional practice in public speaking, writing, and thinking in a way my other classes didn’t provide. It’s a super cool opportunity and doesn’t add much to your credit load.