Leadership ISU Learning Communities


  • All students in any major are eligible to join Leadership ISU.
  • This learning community is specifically designed for first year or transfer students.
  • There are no living requirements or options for this learning community.
  • To sign up, simply ask your advisor to add LD ST 270 in the fall semester.

Program Description

Leadership ISU is a leadership focused Learning Community designed to help students develop capacity for practicing leadership on campus and preparing them to facilitate organizational and community-based change. This community is partnered with Campus Leadership Development (LD ST 270), a course designed for students who want to learn about exemplary leadership practices and engage in experiential campus leadership opportunities.

The Student Activities Center is a critical partner providing key connections for students in this learning community to lead the amazing possibilities for students at Iowa State. This learning community provides highly interactive experiences that create opportunities for students to be leaders on campus, shape change in their communities, and establish a professional network leading to success at Iowa State and after graduation.

Through LD ST 270 and the Student Activities Center, students will participate in dynamic lectures, engage in student-centered discussions, participate in large and small group activities, and identify opportunities to build community within the group as well as network with others on campus. Leadership Studies program faculty, Student Activities Center staff, and peer mentors ensure students feel supported in their academic growth and leadership development.

Leadership ISU and LD ST 270 are open to all students, though specifically geared toward first-year and new transfer students. All students enrolled in LD ST 270 will be a part of the Leadership ISU learning community.

More information can be found on the Leadership ISU Learning Communities webpage.