Leadership Studies Courses

With the many courses offered by the Leadership Studies Program, every year students can take a different class. There are courses for students just discovering their leadership potential and courses for seasoned campus leaders to deepen their skill set. Every course includes lessons on the intersection of leadership and social identities, and multiple courses focus on internationality.Over 90 courses serve as electives in the leadership certificate and are listed in the Curriculum Map (PDF). Below are the courses delivered by leadership studies faculty.

The Leadership Studies Program also collaborates with the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to offer a leadership course for selected freshman in that college.

In addition, the Leadership Studies Program works closely with the College of Engineering to offer several leadership courses specifically for students in that college.

  • ENGR 150: Foundations of Leadership Development and Learning
    Develop your own personal philosophy of leadership while learning to engage others in the process of engineering leadership (great course for first-year students). (1 credit hour)
  • ENGR 250: Leadership in Engineering Teams
    Learn about team dynamics in engineering teams while identifying strategies to enhance effectiveness in team cohesion and productivity. (1 credit hour)
  • ENGR 350: Dean’s Leadership Seminar
    Understand the complexities of leadership in building an organization, decision-making styles, communication, managing change, building trust, shared responsibility leadership, creating legacy, prioritizing, effective use of authority, conflict, ethics, integrity, transparency, accountability. (1 credit hour, pass/fail)