LDST Student Spotlight – Abby Mayo!

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This week the Leadership Studies Program is highlighting Abby Mayo! Abby is a junior majoring in Communication Studies and here is what she said about her LDST experience.

What encouraged you to add a Leadership Studies minor?

I have always been intrigued by the aspects of leadership and was involved in several leadership conferences and programs throughout my middle and high school years, so I figured that adding an LD ST minor would be perfect for getting into courses where I could apply my past experiences and continue growing and finding new opportunities as well!

How do the Leadership Studies courses apply to your major / other things you are involved in?

My LD ST courses apply to my major as both the minor and my Communication Studies major are very broad, allowing me to dive deep into the content and get what I want from them. In a way, I get to choose my own adventure, which is exciting when I can apply what I learn in class to my leadership positions, such as being a dance teacher in my hometown.

What advice do you have for someone considering a LDST minor or certificate?

My biggest advice for anyone considering an LD ST minor or certificate is to go in with an open mind and be okay with the unknown. You will be involved in uncomfortable conversations that help you grow and thrive the most. Be open to different perspectives from yours and know that it is okay to change your opinion after hearing from others, it’s the beauty of discussion!

How do you envision using LDST in your future career or field of study?

I see myself using what I learn from the Leadership Studies program extensively as someone intensely interested in the non-profit realm of work. I want to help people and truly make a change in our current state of society, which will require lots of confidence and being able to communicate effectively with all kinds of individuals, so I am very excited to continue my journey!

Abby also recently joined the LDST Program as a Leadership Studies Ambassador.

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