Global Leadership Study Abroad

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Earn 3 credits in Leadership Studies

Earn 3 hours of academic credit by taking LD ST 333: Women in Leadership. LD ST 333 is approved for U.S. Diversity credit:

  • Study leadership theories and practices in a global setting.
  • Meet with local and national government officials, business leaders and non-governmental agency staff members.
  • Learn about history and culture by exploring museums, historical landmarks, natural wonders, shops, and neighborhoods.

All students, regardless of their major, are strongly encouraged to engage in an international experience at least once. The rewards are endless and enrich your educational and personal growth.

For more information about these trips

Contact Dr. Tara Widner, Assistant Teaching Professor in Leadership Studies

Where to Study Abroad

How to Study Abroad

Financing your study abroad

Several financial aid program and scholarships are available through colleges at ISU

  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • All students who travel on a Global Leadership Study Abroad trip through Leadership Studies are automatically eligible for the needs-based Stanley Global Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship provides $500-$2500 to eligible students.

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