Congratulations to Leadership Studies Minor Graduate, Shawn Goetz!

Shawn Goetz will receive a Leadership Studies Certificate and a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA)from Iowa State University. Congratulations, Shawn!

What are your career plans after graduation?

I will be working for General Mills in Milwaukee, WI. I will be starting out in their Manufacturing and Engineering Rotational Program.

What other goals do you have for your life after graduation (hobbies, travel, self-improvement, etc.)?

I have dedicated a lot of time to studying and school work while being enrolled in school. So my plan for at least the first few months post-graduation is to not do anything at all. Once I start in Milwaukee on July 21st, I am looking forward to experiencing all that the city has to offer.


What was your favorite Leadership Studies class? Why?

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be in the Vermeer International Leadership Program. Within this program, we had to take LDST322. I found LDST322 to be the most impactful because it was the one class where you could find your true self. In this class, we got to learn about each different leadership style, and we got to find out which style fit best with our own personal experiences.


What activities, clubs, or groups were you a member of at ISU?

I have been heavily invested in the Iowa State SAE Baja Team – Cyclone Off-Road Racing. I have held various leadership positions on the team for the past 4 years. I started on the team as a design leader. I did that for 2 years until I was nominated for the Project Director position. I have been the Project Director now for the last 2 years.