Congratulations to Leadership Studies Minor Graduate, Jimmy Otto!

Jimmy Otto will receive a Leadership Studies Minor and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University. Congratulations, Jimmy!

What are your career plans after graduation?

Looking for a career as a Mechanical Engineer, in Energy or wastewater consulting.

What other goals do you have for your life after graduation (hobbies, travel, self-improvement, etc.)?

Going backpacking in New Mexico with family to celebrate.


What was your favorite Leadership Studies class? Why?

LDST 322. Dr. KP was a lot of fun and very engaging professor LDST 291B See above ENGR 150 & 250, great starter into LDST coursework, and basic leadership in engineering field.


How do you feel Leadership Studies has made an impact on you?

Its improved my ability to lead teams and engage team members in discussions and productive creativity, organize the team and resolve issues that come up during operations.


After your time in the program, what is your definition of leadership?

Leadership varies depending on the nature of the activity the group is involved in, the groups experience, size, and personal relations with each other. Good leadership is being able to identify where the groups stands with these, and adjusting your personal style to articulate the groups strengths, and improve their weaknesses.


What would you say to someone considering a Leadership Studies minor or certificate?

That they should have some predetermined notion of leadership before perusing the minor, but if they do its well worth it.