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Women’s Week is Coming, March 8-12

Author: rcooney

Womens WeekStudent Government members Anna Olson (she/her) and Eliana Crabb (she/her) are set to create the first Women’s Week at Iowa State University in March of 2021. As members of Student Government, Olson and Crabb saw an opportunity to create an event that involved students in a celebration of women. 

When Olson had the opportunity to interview women from around the world during her internship with Iowa Resource for International Service, the idea for a Women’s Week was born. 

“After listening to their stories, I realized I needed to do more to raise awareness about the treatment of women around the world,” says Olson, the Senior Director of Communications for Student Government. “I thought a Women’s Week focused on many different issues and topics affecting women would help raise awareness and contribute to the goal of equality for women.”

Crabb wanted to use their positions in Student Government to bring a celebration of women to campus. 

“Anna and I really wanted to do a big project regarding diversity and inclusion this year,” says Crabb, the Director of Outreach for Student Government. “We realized that Iowa State did not do much for International Women’s Day, and we wanted to celebrate the wonderful women around Iowa State and on a national and international level.”

Their vision for Women’s Week is to allow students to hear speakers who will discuss issues about women and their intersection with other disadvantaged groups. They hope that by hearing these speakers, students will become educated on marginalized groups’ issues and use that new knowledge to strive for equity.

Olson no longer wants these issues to be neglected but wants to see action on Iowa State’s campus, in the state of Iowa, and worldwide.

“Women’s Week will provide an opportunity to ignite a fire in all of its attendees to not sit silently or stick to the status quo, but encourage future generations of women to use their voices.”  

Thanks to the idea and planning of student leaders like Anna and Eliana, everyone can look forward to Women’s Week coming in March 2021. All are encouraged to attend!